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About Craven Indexes
Craven Indexes was formally known as Dovelands Publishing. In 2007 the name was changed to Craven Indexes.

The reason for the name change was mainly to reflect what the website was all about, that is a collection of Indexes from Church Records and Graveyards in and around Craven, Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales.

The indexes have been compiled over the past 30 years Josie Walsh and the website is maintained by her son Mark.

Josie lives in Cononley nr Skipton and has been researching Family History & Local History for over 30 years.

Mark lives in Cowling nr Skipton and has been involved with Cowling local history for many years and is also webmaster for & 

Craven Indexes is more or less a hobby website that started when Josie started to publish the indexes so that others could share the information that she has transcribed over the past 30 years.

The indexes were first published in A5 booklet format but before long more and more people were emailing asking questions so in 2004 Mark pointed out that family history is been done on the computers and also online so why not make the indexes available online?
Josie agreed so Mark converted all the indexes in to Adobe PDF Files and built the website.
About Josie
I was born in 1949 the eldest of seven children . The only reason I got involved with family history was due to a disease called Friedrich's Ataxia. Two of my younger sisters were both diagnosed with the disease as children, and after being told it was genetic, and that it was possible that 1st cousins had married, I set out to trace the family backwards to find a connection, which to date has never been proved.

30 years ago family history was not a very common interest, so I had to start from scratch. Libraries, Archives and graveyards soon became my second home, and I started to get involved with at that time a new Bradford Family History Society, which proved to be the best grounding for family history. From this other societies were joined when a family were found to be from somewhere else, so the net got a lot wider as the family were found to be from places like Scotland, Derbyshire, West Midlands, and even Ireland, the information was put onto family trees, which got bigger by the year as more research was done.

Family history is now a lot easier to access due to the internet and computers, and for the past few years I have been busy inputting most of my numerous family history indexes for the Silsden, Kildwick & Skipton areas onto computer. This should make it a lot easier for future generations to access. The knowledge gained from 30 years of research, now enables me to help others with there family research, from which I get a lot of satisfaction from.

Although ill health has slowed me down a little bit, Iím kept busy transcribing records for the local area, and my knowledge is now put to good use as Cowlingweb's resident genealogist, plus other local societies and libraries.
About Mark
If it is not one thing! It is your Mother! From a young age I remember being dragged along with my mum's interest in what I now call "Dead People" spending most weekends and school holidays looking around graveyards and record offices. Growing up around my mum doing family history and research I never really took much interest in it but what I did find very interesting was the old photos of people and places that my mum came across on our travels. As I have grown up the love for old photos has grown and I have also found a great interest in taking photos myself. I would not go as far as to say I am a photographer, it is more a hobby / interest and it is not unusual to find me and mum walking round graveyards - mum taking interest in the family history with me taking photos of graveyards, inscriptions and churches.

I am one of the founding members of the Cowling local history group, Moonrakers, and have a great interest in not only Cowling village history but also the history of the surrounding area as well as the people who made the history for us to discover. I have been known to look up family history enquiries for people, although I would rather leave the dead people for mum to look into for me. I am also the owner and webmaster of which was launched in 2001 and has grown with the help and support of many local and not so local people who have stumbled across Cowlingweb while researching their family or local history and with their help the site continues to grow and develop.

Building the website for me made so much sense, with the large amount of people using the internet to trace family history and my mum having all the indexes and research on hand, added to by my web design skills why not bring it all together and offer a truly personal research service.

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